New Releases: The Stone Redemption: Evolution to a Setup, by Henry Wren. The 4th book in the crime series.

The Rest Room Trilogy, by Kimberly A. McKenzie. This is a set of all three books in the Kervila Cramer trilogy.

Books of Mystery genre

The Mole And The Bees

The Mole And The Bees
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No.: 00000001014
Data Disc (CD) $5.50


The Mole and the Bees is not a fairytale. This is a story about a Soviet Mole who is sent to America to destroy our way of life.

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   To most adults it seemed like only yesterday that life in America was what they would have considered to be normal. Yet nothing has been normal about what this great nation has become ... Read More

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