New Releases: The Stone Redemption, by Henry Wren. The third book in the crime series.

Rise Times Souls Love, by Kimberly A. McKenzie. This is the third installment in the Kervila Cramer trilogy.

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The Shadow of Armageddon

The Shadow of Armageddon
Author: Jim LeMay Language: English
ISBN: 1931095884 Item No.: 00000000074
Data Disc (CD) $5.50


In 2072 a bacterial pandemic sweeps the world, Killing 90% or more of the population. With so few survivors to maintain it, the world’s infrastructure disintegrates and civilization collapses... Read More

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Matt crouched at the edge of the copse of saplings, surrounded by the night. Light from the ceiling of stars compensated somewhat for the sliver of moon's anemic gleam. He couldn't hear Leighton be... Read More

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