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Kessler Syndrome

Kessler Syndrome
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000001040

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Have you wondered what life would be like without cell phones, GPS, or the internet?  Read Kessler Syndrome by Henry Wren to find out how Susan Kennedy with her Space Elevator battle to prevent the elimination of all the satellites that are circling the Earth.

Sample Chapter:

This was possibly the happiest day in the life of twenty year old Susan Kennedy. With each honoree called, Susan’s excitement built until she heard her name. Head held high, Ms. Kennedy walked to the man standing in the middle of the stage. Her right hand grasped that of the presenter as her left hand secured the diploma she had worked so hard to obtain. Returning to her seat, Susan looked over the crowd of graduates to find her roommate, Barb Douglas. Holding the diploma high in the air, Susan waved the document until she got Barb’s attention. The eye contact and smiles on the faces of both young women was evidence of their proud accomplishment. Both girls had come from broken homes, Susan’s more evident than Barbs. Susan’s father, Ben Kennedy, had left when she was only three. When Susan would ask about her father, her mother, Joan, would just say that he could not handle the pressures of a relationship, so he had gone home to live with his parents. Barb’s father was not in the picture, but he did maintain contact with his daughter. Sam had decided early on that one woman was not enough for him so after the wedding he almost immediately started having secret rendezvous with other women. At first Barb’s mom, Deb, thought that she could change the man she so dearly loved, but Sam continued to cheat on her. Surely, she thought, by having a baby, this life changing event would stop Sam from running around. However, when Barb was conceived Sam was driven to cheat on his wife even more. When she realized that her plan was a total failure and as soon as Barb was born, Deb filed for a divorce. Sam maintained contact with his daughter, but always managed to avoid the loving relationship that Barb desired. At one point in her young life the trim blond Ms. Kennedy attempted to contact her father, but the letters Susan had sent went unanswered. Finally after several years of sending monthly notes, Susan gave up. To ease the pain the young girl told herself that Ben Kennedy must have died, making it easier to let the man she never knew go. At the age of sixteen, just before she was to go off to college, Susan’s mother got sick. The illness took Joan’s life two weeks before school was to start. Devastated by the loss of her mother, Susan had nowhere to turn. Raising an only child with no support from a long lost husband, Joan and Susan lived a comfortable life, but not one filled with frills. After putting her mother to rest Susan was forced to address her troubling financial situation. Finding that the house they had always lived in still had a mortgage, Susan was relieved that her mother had been forced by the lender to maintain an insurance policy which would pay off the balance of the home upon her death. Other than the house and an older model car Susan was left with very little. Susan was finally forced to contact a real-estate agent who arranged the sell the contents of the home, along with the residence. Packing all of her meager positions, Susan was then off to college. With the first semester having already been paid for, the proceeds from the sale of the furniture and the home would cover tuition along with room and board for three more years. Not having a home to return to and with only enough resources to get her through four years of college, Susan decided to get a part time job and attend school year round. This would allow her to graduate in three years thus saving some money that would have gone to room and board. The money from the part time job would supply the young student with spending money. When Susan arrived at the University of Pennsylvania, the second school she and her mother chose to look at, the young Ms. Kennedy was taken aback by the schools’ size. Six months ago when Susan and Joan made the initial trip to Penn State, Susan was overwhelmed and really wanted to attend a smaller university. Joan had anticipated this reaction and that is why she chose Penn State intentionally. After allowing Susan to fret for several weeks, the two then looked at the University of Pennsylvania. As Joan pointed out, it was a school half the size of Penn State. At the same time Joan convinced her daughter that once she arrived at the university and got into her core studies her daughter’s classes and friends would all be confined to a smaller geographic area of the campus. Protesting for several weeks, Susan finally gave in and signed the admittance documents. Being a state college, the University of Pennsylvania accepted Susan right away. As she planned for her freshman year at college and completed her senior year of high school, Ms. Kennedy first noticed her mom’s cough at dinner one evening. Initially Susan thought the cough was from all of the pollen in the air. However, when summer arrived and the cough did not go away, Susan badgered Joan until her mother finally agreed to see her doctor. The initial exam showed nothing. When Joan explained that the cough had started several months ago, the concerned doctor sent her to a pulmonary specialist. The lung cancer was advanced and at this stage treatment was not recommended. Within two months Joan had lost her battle. Putting her past life behind her Susan was off to college and a new beginning. The young Ms. Kennedy was assigned a room on the second floor of one of the woman’s dorm. Arriving early, the first day the students were allowed to occupy their assigned rooms, Susan had completely unpacked and was decorating her side of the room when in walked Barb and her mother Deb. Immediately Deb stood the two young women side by side and took a picture. The two girls could have been sisters, they looked so much alike. Both had shoulder length blond hair and measured in at five foot ten, tall for girls of their age. Weighing about one hundred and twenty pounds, the two young women were fit and trim. Right away, after hearing that Susan had just lost her mother and that her father had been dead for many years, Joan took Susan under her wing and treated her as her step-daughter. Deb gave her adopted daughter a big hug and assured her daughter’s new roommate that she would be available if Susan ever needed advice or assistance in any situation or at any hour of the day or night. Deb then helped her daughter unpack as the three chatted. Susan was thrilled when Deb insisted that she come home with Barb for the fall break. As with many young college students the first semester was filled with core classes, allowing the students to explore just what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives. With one year behind her, Susan was now faced with the dilemma as to what curriculum to follow. Not really thinking about the prospects of getting a job after college, Susan homed in on a field she had always loved, Spanish. Required to choose a minor Susan picked Music. Not having been gifted with a great voice, Ms. Kennedy still loved to sing and a minor in music she felt would allow her to participate in some of the school musicals.

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