New Releases: The Stone Redemption: Evolution to a Setup, by Henry Wren. The 4th book in the crime series.

The Rest Room Trilogy, by Kimberly A. McKenzie. This is a set of all three books in the Kervila Cramer trilogy.


Author: Khadija Hammond Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000000707

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Seaflyer is a Children's book. It is both educational and entertaining. Rusty, a baby sea turtle, fights for his life on the beach in Florida. He tries to overcome the dangers of both human neglect and predators as he fights to make his way to the sea. The history of the turtle is woven into a story of their eternal migration and return, to the beaches of the world.

Sample Chapter:

 Late Jurassic Period She Dreamed:   There were only three survivors. In those days, the ground trembled and snarls filled the air. She was tired. Her slow pace had been her undoing. Now she hid, trembling, beneath an overhanging boulder. Before her, waves crashed and beyond, a vast blue peace beckoned. Her heart was bursting with terror. She had to attempt it. The trembling grew stronger, soon the horror would appear, and her life would be torn to pieces. She peered hopefully out of the shadows. Was the coast really clear? She began the painful attempt. There was at first, hope. Then trembling increased as the ground shook. He spotted her! He charged, roaring with all his might, thundering toward her. Was there still time? Could she escape the T-Rex?  She hauled herself toward the water, heart bursting with terror. Her old legs could hardly drag the heavy shell. She dared not look back for he was almost upon her. Huge jaws snapped. A claw tossed her into the air, as she withdrew inside her shell. She screamed in terror. It only made him more furious. He scratched and pried, trying to break her shell, rolling her toward the water. A furious roar split the soft morning air as she hit the ground, making an ear splitting sound. Quickly she spread her feet and neck outward, straining for freedom. The water surrounded and engulfed her as a mighty wave swept her outward. She was Free! The T-Rex snapped at empty water and screamed his rage into the ancient early morning.

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