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Miracle On The Road

Miracle On The Road
Author: Joe Ornelas Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000000315


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The name of the hospital was Blessing Hospital, which happened to be the same name as the town.

Sample Chapter:

A miracle on the way to Burlington, Iowa It began on May of 2000, I started driving toward Burlington, Iowa around 5:00 a.m. I was going there to work at the home office of the company that had just completed a dredging project in the town of San Angelo, Texas. I said goodbye to my wife Rosie and my daughter Laura. As I left town that morning I remember that tears came to my eyes as I was driving away from my family and home.    It did not help the cause as I was listening to country and Spanish music.I had taken my medicine for epilepsy before I left home.  Epilepsy is a form of disease that affects your brain.  Someone with epilepsy should not be driving a vehicle, climbing ladders, working with machinery, taking a bath, swimming by them self and anything that could endanger oneself and/or someone else.I had been diagnosed with epilepsy since 1996.  I had my first Grandma seizure early one morning as my wife was getting ready to go to work. What I remember about that morning is that I was turning toward my wife as she stood on her side of the bed.  I remember looking at her and then I began to cough.I had lost consciousness and began to have a seizure; my wife got hysterical and called her mother that lived across the street from our house.  My wife must have sounded frightened when she called her mom Petra to come over.  I do not know how long it took her to cross the street to my house; however when she got to the door of my house the door was locked.    Rosie, my wife did not unlock the door. She was apparently trying to take care of me.   Petra had to break the door as she kicked it to get in to help Rosie. Soon after that my sister in law Diana came over to see what was happening to me.  She said the she, knew that I was having a seizure; she had work at a mental health and retardation center.  So she had been exposed with people that have seizures 

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