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Ill - Fate

Ill - Fate
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: 1891929941 Item No: 00000000113

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Grief consumes some people, while others make it a driving force in their lives. John Carr chose the latter.

Sample Chapter:

Chapter 01 It was an unusually cool morning for late September, but this did not seem to interrupt the everyday routine of the population of Brookstown, Massachusetts. The leaves on the trees were just starting to turn from their rich green summer colors to their majestic reds, yellows, and oranges of fall. The days were gradually getting shorter and shorter- a gentle reminder to everyone that the cold winter days were just around the corner. The Southern winter breeding grounds were already calling some of the migratory birds, but the ones remaining continued to feast on all of the seed from the many bird feeders throughout the area. Many of the publications reported that experts were predicting a severe winter. However, these same publications had been giving this same prediction for the past three years. All of which turned out to be relatively mild. The talk around town concerning this upcoming winter was "Who knows, the weather people may get lucky this year." Brookstown was a middle-sized town with a population of about 50,000. Its location in the eastern part of Massachusetts right on the ocean made Brookstown a key to the economic stability of the region. Along with the ocean, Highway 24 also passed by this thriving city. With two good transportation systems and the high unemployment rate in the surrounding counties, Brookstown had no problem in attracting new businesses and retaining all of the ones that it already had. This was early fall of an election year. Throughout the state all eyes were on her Mayoral race. The entire state of Massachusetts and even parts of the nation were looking to this election. Not because Brookstown had a substantial population, but because it featured something new. A young honest politician was pitted against an old, long-term mayor who had gained both wealth and power at the expense of others. Yes, Dave Johnson was out to put an end to Mayor Richard Long's extended reign of corrupt politics. Many throughout the region were sitting back awaiting the outcome. If Johnson were to win this upcoming election, it would give the honest politicians in other Massachusetts cities a big boost in their efforts to clean up politics in all areas of state government. It would also go a long way in putting an end to the greed and corruption that had plagued the political arena in this area for over a hundred years. It would not be easy for Johnson to defeat Long. The Incumbent Mayor had many years of experience and knew how to play the game. The movers and shakers of the town all owed him favors and Long had always been able to turn these favors into votes. He also had a strong backing from regional and national political figures from Massachusetts, even if they did not particularly care for him personally. He knew all of the tricks and was a firm believer in the saying "The end justifies the means". Even with all of this stacked against him, Dave Johnson was running neck-and-neck with Long which really irritated the Mayor. For Mayor Long this was shaping up to be a race that was too close for comfort. He continued to search for an issue that would separate the two politicians, with the winner taking the election as his prize. Mayor Long had an experienced staff led by Jim Walker, who knew all of the little things that needed to be done in order to win an election. Most of his team had been together for the past sixteen years. They first got started by upsetting the Incumbent Mayor, John Fox, in a very close race. And he had easily gone on to win the next three elections. At the time the win against Fox was considered a major upset. It was an election that Long was the most proud of. During that election he felt like a football coach sitting on a two-point lead with two minutes left in the game. One wrong move and the game would be over. In that race he had made all of the right calls. On Election Day he claimed the victory. After several easy victories some of the edge of running an election campaign had worn off. Mayor Long knew that he needed to light a fire under his staff to get them focused. He was very unhappy that Johnson was still a factor this late in the game. He made sure that at every staff meeting he let his people know how he felt and that he was not about to lose a close race. The Mayor preached to them that they needed an issue that would break this logjam. As the minute hand on the Courthouse clock reached 10:00 a.m., the gongs erupted down Main Street, rushed up Fifth Street, floated over the houses on Sinton Avenue, easing across the lush lawn at number 1219 where it gently sifted through the second story window. Just as the fifth gong gently floated into the room, the music and buzzer from the clock radio that sat on the nightstand next to the bed of Officer John Carr suddenly shattered their gentle sounds. John, still only half awake, extended a limp arm from under the covers, reached over and turned off the buzzer leaving the radio playing. His arm quickly retracted back to the warmth of the covers. It was ten o'clock and another Thursday. John did not get up right away. Instead he lay there half listening to the morning news. He did not pay much attention to the news because while he was working the second shift, he was usually aware of all of the current events. However, he was always interested in the weather report that immediately followed the news. John was always amazed at how poorly all weathermen were at predicting the weather. He thought many times of keeping a score sheet and tracking how many times what was reported at 11:30 p.m. is what really happened at 10:00 a.m. John's guess was that weathermen were only correct about 50% of the time. If they were in any other business, being wrong 50% of the time would more than likely get them fired. However, with the weather, this average seemed to be acceptable since he had been listening to the same weatherman for several years. As he lay there with the covers pulled up around his shoulders, the news came to its conclusion and lead into the weather report: "The weather today is brought to you by Bradley's Ford. I am sure that you have noticed, if you have ventured out this fine fall morning, that it was a brisk 34 degrees, much colder than the average temperature for this time of year. Makes you wonder if winter is right around the corner. Today's high will reach a comfortable 65 degrees, but when the sun goes down, it will bring more cool weather. We are expecting our low temperature to reach 33 tonight. It will be a good night to settle in with a warm fire, listening to the music of WKRG. As we look to the weekend, we will see the mid to upper 60's as our high for both Saturday and Sunday, with lows expected to reach the mid to lower 30's. We may even drop below 30 degrees for the first time this year, so button up. However, looking at our long range forecast, we are expecting a bit of a warming trend. The warmer weather will bring some of the wet stuff about midweek. So keep your coat handy and your umbrella with you. Remember if you need a new or used car, stop by Bradley's and tell them that Big Bad Bob sent you. They'll always treat you right at Bradley's Ford." As John rolled out of bed he thought that today was a win for Big Bad Bob because last night that is what the weatherman had correctly predicted for the morning low. He reached over and switched the radio off, starting his twenty minutes of exercise before heading for the shower. At his age, John prided himself on how he was able to remain fit while most of his friends had given up years ago. However, every year it became more of a challenge to maintain his muscle tone and to prevent the inevitable roll from developing around his midsection. In his line of work, he felt that at some point this could mean the difference between life and d

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