New Releases: The Stone Redemption: Evolution to a Setup, by Henry Wren. The 4th book in the crime series.

The Rest Room Trilogy, by Kimberly A. McKenzie. This is a set of all three books in the Kervila Cramer trilogy.

The Stone Redemption: Evolution to a Setup

The Stone Redemption: Evolution to a Setup
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000001103

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Evolution can be a good thing, Steve Stone, after killing a few innocent people, has found away to get redemption for his past misdeeds, without these senseless murders.  Using his brain rather than a weapon, Stone punishes those that have avoided prosecution.

Sample Chapter:

Chapter 1

      After the visit from Mr. Andres, Steve Stone had a great deal to think about.  The mobster that he used to work for had always been straight with Steve, but during the unexpected visit, this time the man had delivered a veil threat.  Stone did not like to be threatened.
      Since his retirement from the murder for hire business, Steve Stone had relocated to the small town of Young Harris, Georgia.  He loved the life in this quiet friendly mountain town, but soon found that the isolation could be too much for this big city boy.  Then there was the problem of all of those murders he had committed in his past life and under several different names.
      Reflecting back to whom he was then and how this all started, Stone could remember that he was actually the first to die.  And then there was that incident involving the FBI which really focused the local authorities and the FBI, as they set out to capture the killer.
      It all began many years ago with Steve, who was then known as Brad.  The young boy and his brother Dave were growing up in a large New Jersey town, on the wrong side of the tracks.  Their parents could not take care of themselves, little lone two young boys.  From the beginning Brad had made up his mind that he was not about to grow up and be like his parents; so he hit the books hard.  The young boy excelled in his studies, but in looking ahead Brad could see he needed something to propel him in a different direction in order to get out of this pigeon hole which the world had him trapped in.
      After years of searching for an answer to his escape, Brad finally located the answer in a newspaper article he had read.  The article recapped the kidnapping of a young boy in the area.  Upon a careful review of all of the details, Brad recruited his older brother, Dave, and explained his plan for a fake kidnapping.  Hearing the plan, Dave was excited but skeptical that two kids could pull it off.  To the surprise of both boys, the plan went off with just a few hitches; but in the end, the two boys eluded the FBI and came away with a nice nest egg for their future.
      Brad quickly learned that money was not the key to the good life.  Even though the two brothers agreed not to touch the money until they became young men, Brad, after going off to college on a full academic scholarship, that he needed something else in his life.  Brad needed someone to love and a special person that would return this affection.
      Not being the best looking young man at his college, Brad was finding that even finding a young lady to date was a difficult task.  On the other hand his brother Dave, who chose to quit high school and go to work for the local crime boss, had no problem with the girls.  In fact Dave seemed to have a new one every other week.  In his quest for love, Brad tried many tactics, even recruiting advice from his brother, but nothing seemed to work.
      Finally when he was ready to give up, Marie came into Brad’s life.  The two hit it off almost immediately, with Marie being the aggressor.  Brad was finally happy just dating, but Marie wanted to get married right away.  For some reason unknown to him, Brad kept delaying the talk of marriage, stating that they were both young and should be comfortable at this point with just being friends.  Marie was having none of this talk and finally tricked the young man into a sexual relationship.  Brad was enjoying this new phase in the relationship until after several months Marie told him that they had to get married for she was with child.
      Dave never liked Marie and was always encouraged his younger brother to dump the bitch.  Brad, seeing how controlling Marie could be, was considering Dave’s recommendation but in the end he could not abandon his unborn child, so the two were finally married.  After graduating at the top of his class Brad got a good job in the city, in one of the World Trade Center Buildings.  It did not take the young man long to discover that the married Marie, the mother of his son, was not like the girl he dated.  She turned out to be lazy and demanding.  To make matters worse, their son Brandon seemed to cry continually.  For the second time in his life, Brad felt trapped.  First it was being poor, and now it was being stuck with his unwanted family, and a job he no longer cared for.  Even before he had the chance to spend one dime of the kidnapping money, the young man was ready to end his life; the only way Brad figured he could get out of this mess.
      Thinking through the process and not being able to come up with an acceptable plan, Brad became a miserable human being.  On his way to work on 9, 11, 2001 Brad had a flat tire, which made him miss his train.  Yet another day that was not starting off well and he feared would not end well  Knowing he was going to be late for work, the young man’s depression hit a new low.  Now he would have to deal with his demanding boss.
      When Brad got off of the train in the city, the first tower of the World Trade Center had already been hit.  Seeing all of the commotion and hearing people talking about the smoke, Brad wondered what the problem was.  Due to all of the people clogging the train station Brad, listening to their comments, finally deciphered that a jet airliner hit one of the World Trade Center Buildings.  Moving with the flow of the crowd, Brad made his way to the exit.  To the best of his knowledge, the tower he worked in was not damaged.  By the time Brad made it to the street, the rumbling from the crowd indicated that his building had been hit.
      Standing in the street looking at the cloud of dust and smoke that was headed his way, a plan suddenly flashed into Brad’s mind, and the depression instantly lifted.  The young man felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders as he decided that he would use this terrible incident to escape.
      Needing time to think and knowing that the confusion that would follow what was now being called an act of terrorism would give him some much needed time; Brad found a rundown hotel and holed up as he formulated all of the details of this elaborate plan.  Several times during this phase of the planning Brad set the idea aside and thought about just returning to his home and his depressing life.  But in the final analysis, the taste of freedom kept him going.  The young man would play this to the end.
      Hiding out in the seedy hotel, over the next several days Brad set up how he would vanish; leaving everyone thinking that he had been killed in the terrorist attack of 9/11.  Moving to North Carolina, Brad changed his last name and created a new life.  With access to the kidnapping money, he and Dave had stashed away in an offshore account, the young man with a new name finally felt secure.  After obtaining new identification documents Brad was ready to move on.  Finding a job at the local college, Brad was happier than he had been in some time.
      However, after a short while, Brad could see that the kidnapping money would not last forever; and with what the college was paying him he would soon be cash strapped.  Brad needed something to boost his average income.  After a great deal of thinking, Brad deci

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