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Before Midnight;The Capture of Osama bin Laden

Before Midnight;The Capture of Osama bin Laden
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000001064

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Did you really think that the Seals killed Osama bin Laden?  Read what really happened.

Sample Chapter:

      Mike Woodson drove to the bank where he maintained a safety deposit box.  The purpose of this storage unit was twofold.  The first was to receive cash that was used to fund the ongoing operation.  More importantly, the box served as a place where Woodson received his instructions from the selection committee; The Four.       Based on what he could decipher from brief conversations with the late Supreme Court Justice, Dale Brown, and now Brown's butler, Alfred Wright, Mike determined that periodically a small group of people would come together at which time they would decide who in their minds was the biggest menace to society.  After making their choice, the small group would return to their normal lives, awaiting the news reports indicating that this chosen person had in some fashion been removed from society.  The removal of this person was the job of the operations group, whom Mike was the leader.       After successfully completing their last mission, Woodson and his men were anxious to find out the identity of their newest target.  Having been notified by the leader of The Four that the answer to this question resided in the safe deposit box, Woodson was eager to make the pickup.       Entering the bank, avoiding the tellers, Mike went to the man sitting behind one of the desks to the side of the main lobby.  The bank employee at the desk was working on some paperwork and when Mike approached the man did not look up.  Feeling as if he were being ignored Woodson finally spoke up.       “I need access to my safety deposit box.  Can you help me?”       Completing the paperwork he was working on, the bank clerk, without acknowledging his customer, stood.   As the man did so he grabbed a ring of keys that were sitting on his desk.  Woodson followed as the bank employee walked toward the area where the safety deposit boxes were located.  Stopping at the door, the bank employee spoke for the first time.       “If you will sign in and indicate on the log the date, time, and box number I will be happy to assist you.”       Mike had previously gone through the drill many times.  Taking a moment to record the required information, Woodson then told the man the box number.   Ignoring Woodson's reference and looking over the information Mike had written down, the man then jotted down the box number on a scrap piece of paper before entering the room.       The large room which housed the safety deposit boxes was secured by a heavy door, which Woodson found to always be open.  At least it was each time Woodson visited the bank.  Inside the so called secure room the four walls were covered with safety deposit boxes of different sizes.  Without hesitation the man walked to the area where the requested box was located.  Inserting his master key, the bank employee stepped to the side, waiting for the customer to insert his personal key.  Mike did this and after both men turned their respective keys the bank employee pulled out the locked box.  Carrying the container to an area just outside of the main room, he placed the safety deposit box onto a table.  When Mike positioned himself beside the table, the man took a step back and pulled a curtain that hid the customer from the view of everyone else in the immediate area.       Once the curtain was secured, Woodson inserted his key and unlocked the safety deposit box.  Lifting the lid, Mike pulled out two envelopes.  One he knew contained cash to fund the ongoing operation, while the other would reveal the name of the next target.  Slipping both into the briefcase he had brought with him, Woodson closed the lid and relocked the container.  Mike then pulled back the curtain where he found the bank employee in wait.       “Is there anything else we can do for you Mr. Woodson?”  The man asked.       Mike felt like telling the bank employee that if he would show more interest in his clients, it would be a good thing.   However knowing that the success of the group hinged on them remaining in the background, Woodson instead thanked the employee and left the facility.       Always looking to assure that no one was watching, Mike in a normal pace walked back to his SUV.  On his infrequent visits to the establishment Woodson always parked at least a block from the bank.  This gave him time to visually search the surrounding area to assure there were no watchers.       When Woodson left the bank he was usually carrying a large amount of cash.  This always made the operations leader nervous, even though Mike was armed and well equipped to handle any attempted attack.  If anyone found out about the amount of cash Woodson often carried away from the bank, he knew that he would be a tempting target.       Even when Mike was not carrying the envelope containing the cash, he had information that could harm the organization, if it fell into the wrong hands.  Thus far, Woodson had never had a problem nor noticed anyone paying him extra attention.  With his training in covert operations Mike knew better than to become complacent, even though the odds of anything happening were slim.  Seeing nothing out of the ordinary during his short walk to the SUV, Woodson got into his vehicle and before starting the engine he opened the briefcase.       Ignoring the envelope filled with cash, Mike pulled out the one that contained the name of the next target.  Methodically Woodson opened the envelope and extracted its contents.  Immediately Mike’s blood pressure rose.  The normally cool headed Mike Woodson was slightly shaken as he got his first look at their next target.  The photo on top of the document packet was that of Osama bin Laden.  Woodson had feared this day ever since the selection committee had decided to take the operation global.  Removing from society the most wanted man in the world would be a major undertaking, but to Woodson a more concerning problem would be locating bin Laden.       Over the years since 9/11 none of the major power countries had been able to determine the ware bouts of the new target.  Now the job was dumped into the hands of the operation group.       Setting the photo aside Mike carefully read through the brief that his current boss, Alfred Wright, had prepared.  Searching for clues as to where to find the target, Woodson carefully reviewed each page, stacking each one face down on top of the photo of bin Laden as he finished.  When the last page was neatly placed on top of the others Mike leaned back and sighed.  From the information Alfred had provided, Woodson could see that he was no closer to learning the location of the target than he was before reading the document.  In fact the individual pieces of paper Mike had set aside told him nothing that he had not already read about or heard on the news.  Realizing that he would need a great deal of help with this project, Woodson placed the stack of papers back into the envelope.  After securing the packet in his briefcase, Mike turned the ignition to his vehicle and pulled out into the flow of traffic.       Over the course of the last two missions the head of the operations group had this sixth sense that he was being observed.  With the SUV in the middle of midday&

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