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Coming Home;A New Beginning

Coming Home;A New Beginning
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000001052

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Depression, addiction, having lost your way in life, all of this can be found in Henry Wren’s newest novel, Coming Home; A New Beginning. The story tells how a young man experiences all three and through God’s grace finally finds his way home.

Sample Chapter:

      The clouds were dark and dreary as the chilling rain blew across the western sky on this 1st day of October.  Today was just one of many depressing days in the life of young Sam Elliot.       Elliot’s eyes scanned the small apartment that he shared with his girlfriend.  What he saw just added to the depression; the place was not well kept.  The living area consisted of a tiny overcrowded common area, which included a cramped kitchen, when just one person was working in it.  The bedroom that housed a queen sized bed, even though it barely left room on either side to walk, left no room for a piece of furniture to house their clothes.  As meager as their belongings were, the small apartment could not comfortably accommodate both of them.  When the young man was forced to be in the small space Sam always felt as if he were closed in.  Despite his depression and discomfort around other people, the young man was more than eager to venture out into the public in order to escape the confines of the drab apartment.       Today Sam was up earlier than normal.  Elliot's part time job required him to take the early shift one day a week.  With Teresa still in bed, Sam fixed a cup of coffee.  Calling the caffeinated drink breakfast, Elliot grabbed his threadbare coat and stepped out the door.  As soon as Elliot cleared the confines of the apartment and before getting into his rundown Chevy Impala, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.  Placing one in his mouth, the young man lit the tip, using a match from one of the many packs he always carried.       After Sam moved in with Theresa, three months ago, Teresa tried to get her new roommate to honor his pledge to quit smoking.  Try as he may, Sam could not kick the habit.       When the two were looking for a place to live, Teresa first found an inexpensive apartment off of the beaten path.  It was small and in need of a great deal of repair. But it was cheap and at that time the two of them together could barely afford cheap.  When Teresa's car, a Dodge, quit running, Teresa and Sam were forced to share the Impala.  When the weather permitted both attempted to use bicycles as their main means of transportation. With only one working vehicle it was decided that the two needed to be closer to the town center.  Taking advantage of the situation, Teresa found an even cheaper apartment off of an alley, three blocks from Sam’s part time job.       To aid in her boyfriend’s effort to void his life of cigarettes, Teresa chose a building which did not allow smoking.  She hoped that by renting a nonsmoking apartment that this would push Sam over the top and allow him to discontinue the nasty habit.       With the help of a few friends with trucks, the few furniture items Sam and Teresa owned were transferred to the new place.  Leaving the old apartment before the lease was up cost Teresa her damage deposit.  The landlord, after informing the young woman that her contract did not allow her to leave early, demanded an early out fee equivalent to the next three months of rent.  With little to no money and an already trashed credit rating, Teresa challenged the landlord to try and collect the fee.  For a change, Teresa found herself in a position of power.  After all, how was one more bad mark on an already dismal credit report going to affect her?       Once the new apartment was set up Teresa once again implored her roommate to give up the cigarettes.  Finding that smoking gave him one of the few pleasures in life, and not liking being told what to do, Sam dug his heals in.  In fact Sam tried to make the fact that the building was non-smoking a positive.  He convinced himself that it was actually a relief not being able to smoke in their new place.  This restriction forced Elliot to carve out some quiet time away from Teresa, where he could think.  As he stood on the stoop of the building Elliot reviewed his unhappy cold life as he puffed away.       Sam had agreed to quit smoking even before Teresa agreed to allow him to move in.  Who wouldn’t want to quit, considering his family history?  His father died of a heart attack which everyone concluded was related to stress, excessive drinking and his chain smoking.  Five years later Sam lost his mother to cancer, which everyone attributed to second hand smoke.  Now faced with having to give up one of the few pleasures he had left in this life, even though he was convinced that the cancer sticks would eventually kill him, Sam balked.       Telling Teresa that it was stress that killed his father and breast cancer that took his mother, Sam negated Teresa’s logic that the health risks of smoking contributed to the loss of both parents.  Unable to understand her boyfriend's logic, Teresa decided to try a different tactic.  Turning to their dismal financial situation Teresa came right out and demanded that they could no longer support this nasty habit.  Sam fought back with the fact that if they could afford to keep Teresa’s cat, then he could use the same amount of money to support his addiction.  Unwilling to take the chance of giving up Princess, Teresa reluctantly backed off.       As Sam took the last drag off of his morning cigarette, a feeling of guilt contributed to his now constant depression.  Tossing the butt out into the rain, Sam pulled his jacket over his head and with coffee cup in hand he made a dash for the Impala.  Once inside, Sam took the last gulp from the coffee cup, set the empty cup in the passenger seat and started the vehicle.       Sam lived only three blocks from work and would have walked or ridden his bike, if not for the rain.  Whenever the young man looked into the mirror he realized that he could use the exercise.  Parking behind the building that housed the Social Services Center for Indianapolis, Indiana, Sam ran through the rain to the employee entrance.  Elliot got drenched as he fought to unlock the stubborn door.       As he entered the building and removed his jacket, Sam shook the water off of his clothes.  Even after attempting to protect his long unkempt locks from the rain, Elliot found that his hair had gotten soaked.  The drops of water fell to the floor as Sam made the first pot of coffee for the day.  By the time the strong brew was ready and Elliot had poured his first cup, the young man's hair had stopped expelling the moisture it had accumulated.  Sitting at his computer terminal, Sam set his cup down as he signed on.  His wet hair made him feel colder than the temperature inside the building and Sam contemplated putting his wet jacket back on.       Looking over to the coat rack that stood by the door Elliot could see that water was still dripping from the garment.  With a slight shiver of his body, Sam decided against putting the wet coat back on.  Another shiver ran through his body as Sam logged onto his private e-mail account.  The sadness that had consumed the young man for the past few years only got worse as he looked at all of the people who were attempting to inquire as to his wellbeing.  Without answering any of the e-mails Sam signed out and then activated his Facebook account.       Again Elliot found several messages addressed specifically to him.  Choosing not to respond to any of them, Sam spent the next half h

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