New Releases: The Stone Redemption: Evolution to a Setup, by Henry Wren. The 4th book in the crime series.

The Rest Room Trilogy, by Kimberly A. McKenzie. This is a set of all three books in the Kervila Cramer trilogy.

The William Tell Murders

The William Tell Murders
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000001002

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      When you finally get the job you’ve always dreamed about, and find it does not pay enough to support you in the manner you choose to live, what would you do?

Sample Chapter:

      In reflecting back upon his still-young life, Brad Kelly, who just a few days ago had been the former Mr. Brad Evans, had accomplished two major events. The first, a rather remarkable feat, was accomplished with the help of his older brother Dave Evans. Several years ago, the two young boys out-foxed the authorities, as they staged the successful fake kidnapping of themselves. For all of their hard work and Brad’s expert planning, the two young men received as their reward a large nest egg, which was now sitting in an offshore brokerage account. This feat was especially gratifying to both boys because, as they escaped with all of the money, they knew they had just outwitted the best minds the local authorities and the FBI had.       The second accomplishment that the young Mr. Evans could add to his criminal resume was his own death. Brad Evans, who everyone thought perished just a few days ago in the World Trade Center disaster, actually re-emerged as Brad Kelly, who was now getting ready to start his new life in the small community of Mars Hill, North Carolina.       The last event had not been planned, but the pieces just seemed to fall into place, as terrorists attacked and brought down two of the tallest buildings in the world. The “Attack on America” would be remembered as one of the very saddest moments in the history of the United States. Less than a week after the successful invasion, most U.S. citizens were still trying to put their lives back together. Brad Evans counted himself as one of those, but instead of getting back to his normal routine, all of the pieces to his puzzle were new, and the picture they would form was one that only Brad Kelly could determine.       After the attack, Brad quickly put together this spur-of-the-moment plan, which, up to this point, had worked perfectly. After returning to his empty home for the last time, the young Mr. Evans retrieved the necessary documents he would need for his new identity. Satisfied that he had covered all of his tracks, Brad then left the city. The only mode of transportation the new Mr. Kelly could find that would get him out of New York was a long bus ride to Asheville, North Carolina. From Asheville, Mr. Kelly made his way to Mars Hill, which was just a mere eighteen miles away. After doing a fair amount of research, his intention was to start his new life in this small town, earning a living by landing a teaching job at the local college. In order to accomplish this phase of his plan, Kelly knew he still had a great deal of work to do.       Having already opened a bank account and applied for a credit card, which both carried his new name, Brad still had to create a past for Mr. Kelly. To generate an academic history, he had requested that his alma mater change the name on Brad Evans’ academic records over to Brad Kelly, giving him the needed documents to pursue his quest of becoming a professor at Mars Hill.       In order to assure that he made no mistakes, Brad kept a list of the things that needed to be done, and, as he completed each task, Mr. Kelly would mark it as being completed before moving onto the next item. Looking down this list, Brad could see that several items had already been marked off, the most recent items being the opening of the bank account, sending in the application for a credit card, and changing his academic records. The next item on Mr. Kelly’s list read, “establish a mailing address.” In order to do this, Brad had hooked up with a local realtor the day after arriving in Mars Hill, and, after a full day of looking at furnished rentals, he was ready to also mark this item off of his list.       The following day Brad settled into his new home. However, even though the two-bedroom home had been listed as being furnished, Mr. Kelly was surprised at all of the things a person still needed, such as bedding, cleaning supplies, and, of course, food. Even though he had owned a home out East, Brad was not what you would call an experienced homeowner; his wife, Marie, had taken care of these domestic details. So the inexperienced Brad Kelly took several trips to Wal-Mart before he was finally settled in.       Every day over the next two weeks, Brad walked over to the college, spending most of his time in their library. By this time he had gotten to know most of the library staff, who in turn had introduced him to several of the professors. One day while he was talking to the head librarian, the elderly woman told Brad about a program Mars Hill offered to the residents of the town, which allowed them to use the school’s workout facilities for a modest fee.       With all of the walking Brad found himself doing, for a person who had never been in shape, he could for the first time in his life tell his legs were getting stronger, and his new diet was definitely reducing his waist line. Knowing he had never been a very good-looking man, Brad had decided to vary his plan by growing a complete beard, instead of just a mustache. Mr. Kelly felt this welcome addition would hide much of the face he so detested, and, at the same time, would make him appear to be older. Feeling the older look would definitely help him secure a teaching position, Mr. Kelly also hoped these changes to his appearance would, in the unlikely event that he might run into someone who had been acquainted with Brad Evans, keep them from recognizing him.       Checking his mail each day, with only junk mail to show for his efforts, after two weeks Brad finally received a large envelope from the university where he had graduated. Opening it as Kelly walked into his house, a tingling sensation ran through the young man’s body when he pulled out a diploma with the name of Brad Kelly on it. He knew now that if someone checked on his records, they would find a legal birth certificate, social security number, and a college diploma. With a big smile covering his face, Brad now realized that Brad Kelly really did exist.

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