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Eye Of The Snowleopard

Eye Of The Snowleopard
Author: Khadija Hammond Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000000769

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This book is the true story of the author's adventures in the Himalayas, and the meeting of a Snow Leopard. This book is a short story for children, young adults and adults. It is heart stopping and full of the wild adventures of a female Indiana Jones. Khadija has travelled all over the world, and yet the mystical and haunting Valley of Flowers is one of the most beautiful and holy places on planet earth. Go with her as she hikes to places never visited by humanity and see what terror and beauty, she discovers in the high Himalayas. These are places so remote that some of them have never seen a human being!

Sample Chapter:

 My eyes flew open. Terror seared my soul. Something was out there in the night staking, smelling, waiting. Any moment it would leap through the tent and carry me away. I could almost smell its wild scent wafting through the Himalayan night.
 “Get up Naresh!” My voice was trembling and I was shaking in every cell of my body. “Something is out there!” I kicked his sleeping bag to arouse him from a deep slumber.
 Naresh was aware of my keen sensitivity. He’d experienced it a month before when I refused to drink the tea. He had laughed at me then, but the joke was on him. He came down with Typhoid fever and would have died if I had not insisted we get vaccinated in London. We’d only had time for one booster and had to fly to India, missing the second one. But the vaccine had saved his life. He’d only had a ‘mild’ case of Typhoid that kept him in bed for two weeks with a high fever. So he respected my intuition, which had warned me not to touch the tea from the local stall beside the road, as we’d made our way up into the high mountains.

 So he crawled out of the sleeping bag, eyes wide open.
 “What is it?” he asked.
 “Something is out there, Naresh. I can feel it in all the cells of my body!”
 “OK then, I will build up the fire. Stay close to the tent, Kat.”
 He did not have to tell me that. I was clinging to every shred of willpower I processed not to scream in terror.
 We’d been backpacking for a week into the high Himalayas. The place we were headed is called ‘The Valley of Flowers’ and is nearly impossible for most people to reach. According to the Sherpas we met later, twenty people had lost their lives trying to reach these heights, dying from heart attacks or falling to their deaths from the narrow paths and dangerous cliffs. But this place was considered one of the most holy places on earth. Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion, had received enlightenment here, as had other countless sages and saints. So we were determined to reach these heights.

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