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Expectations Exceeded

Expectations Exceeded
Author: Henry Wren Language: English
ISBN: Item No: 00000000175

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Mans favorite sport has successfully discouraged members of the opposite sex from getting involved. Join Megan Farrell as she fights her way through the stigma of North Carolina High School Football. Exceeding everyone’s expectations, this young woman becomes a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Sample Chapter:

 As she sat at the head table listening to the speeches of those entering the Football Hall of Fame, Megan Farrell drifted back in time. Blocking out the long, thought out scripts of the recipients, her mind went deeper and deeper into her past, back even further than Ms. Farrell could clearly remember. Megan realized some of the information had to have come from her parents and grandparents, for the story started before she was born.       Yes, Megan now could see that it was the year 2000. This was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very difficult, uphill climb for Ms. Farrell, in a field dominated by men. With her glazed eyes focused straight ahead and a short smile on her face, Megan started to put the pieces back together.       That incoming New Year had been a special one; it was the year 2000. This was the end of a very spectacular era where over the past 100 years the entire world had changed so drastically. The 20th Century saw the arrival of many great inventions and events, which changed the lives of everyone. The arrival of the automobile, a national highway system, air travel, along with television, two world wars, the atomic age, and the computer, all redefined the way in which we lived our lives. The beginning of this new millennium brought continued hope for an even better, more prosperous world. Most of the people in the U.S. were anxious to put the old behind them and to get on with this new and exciting period of utopia.       The economy in the US was doing extremely well. Looking ahead, it appeared as if there would be no end to the prosperity. On the other hand there were some people who felt that the pace of life was moving a bit too rapidly. All of this hustle and bustle was for the large city folk, and not for the people in small town America. In most parts of the world the arrival of this New Year had been a major extravaganza. But for the little town of Hayesville, North Carolina, the New Year slipped in with just a few fireworks; and that was just fine for its inhabitants. With this over-publicized event now a part of history, the people of the world were finally getting back to their normal routine.       High school senior Mike Farrell was one of those, who was glad to have the arrival of the New Year behind him. For Mike and his parents, it was time to return to the simple routines of rural North Carolina. Mike had been a decent student and a good athlete at Hayesville High School, but he never had a desire to go on to college. Farrell had always hoped that when he grew up, he would find a job that would afford him the chance to get out of this small town. Mike had a great desire to see the world.       During Mike’s junior and senior years in high school, he had been dating Barb Anderson. Farrell knew that if he did not do something right after graduation, his dreams of seeing the world would vanish; he would be stuck in Hayesville for the rest of his life. So the day after Mike was handed his diploma, without a word to anyone, he got up early and gathered his birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license, and his crisp new high school diploma. Driving his dad’s truck Mike headed east on High Way 64. Farrell drove the 55 miles to Sylva, North Carolina, where he was to meet an Army recruiter.       When Mike returned home and announced to his parents that he had enlisted in the military, his dad seemed pleased; feeling as if this would give his son a chance to grow up. On the other hand, his mother’s reaction was just the opposite. She was very upset about his decision to join the army without first talking it over with her. She felt that if Mike left, he would never return, and this would break her heart. During their rather heated talk, his mom asked her son what Barb thought about his decision. When Mike informed his mother that he had not told Barb, she just broke down and started crying.       Mike had guessed ahead of time that everyone would try to talk him out of his desire to join the military. Fearing his inability to resist the pressure, Farrell decided to visit the recruiter before he told anyone of his plan. With all of the papers signed, Mike knew there was no turning back; no matter how much pressure his parents, friends and Barb put upon him.       After the realization that his mother was not going to calm down, Mike finally slipped away. It took some time alone for young Mr. Farrell to build up the courage to drive over to tell Barb of his decision. After the reaction of his mother, Farrell was not looking forward to facing his girl friend.       As Mike expected, Barb’s reaction was much worse. Talking for about an hour, most of this time in tears, the girl he loved suddenly cut him off, telling him that she never wanted to see him again. Barb was even more upset because in the back of her mind she had been expecting a proposal of marriage, not a good-bye declaration. Even after dismissing the young Mr. Farrell, with tears flowing from her beautiful eyes, Barb just kept telling Mike, over and over again, she could not believe that he could make such a life changing decision without first consulting her.       After the unpleasant confrontations with the two women in his life, Mike’s only regret now was he had to wait six weeks before reporting for duty. Those may have been the worst six weeks of his life. Most of Mike’s family and friends continually let him know how disappointed they were that he had joined the army without first asking for their council.       At long last the big day arrived, and Mike was pleased that despite their objections his entire family showed up to say goodbye. However, Mike’s disappointment with his ex-girlfriend continued when Barb did not even come to see him off. As he took a seat on the bus, Mike felt that this was Barb’s way of getting back at him for breaking her heart. As the bus pulled away, young Mr. Farrell’s heart also ached.       Looking back over the past six weeks, Mike was very glad he had committed to the army before telling any one. With all of the pressure from his family and friends, he knew that he would not have been able to go through with this life changing decision. The army’s promise of showing him the world provided Mike with his ticket to get out of Hayesville. It guaranteed that he would not end up becoming a farmer as his father and grandfather had. Mike was sure that the Army would allow him to see the world, experience the big city life, and when he completed his commitment they would help him find an exciting job.       Mike had dreamed about Barb joining him after he finished his commitment with the Army, but that did not look as if it would happen now. As only Mike’s dad could see, the army would allow his son to learn that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, but home is not nearly as bad as it seems when a person is young.       Mike enjoyed his time in the service, and it did allow him to see many large cities, and even experience the cultures of several other countries. During his tour of duty in the Army, Mike served his country well, but much like his decision not to attend college, he never found the desire to advance his rank in the military, even though his commanding officer continued to push him in that direction. As Mike approached the end of his commitment with the military, and having no desire to reenlist, it was time for him to decide what he was now going to do. Looking back on wh

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