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The Legend of Pa-Miu, Cat of Ancient Egypt

The Legend of Pa-Miu, Cat of Ancient Egypt
Author: Khadija Hammond Language: English
ISBN: 9780976999614 Item No: 00000000733

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Pa-Miu means "Tom Cat" in the ancient Egyptian language. This lovable feline will steal your heart. Have you ever wondered how the letter "M" came to be upon the forehead of all Egyptian Mau cats, and Tabbys? Why were cats worshipped in ancient Egypt? Who was the mysterious 'fourth' wise man (The Magi,) who saved the life of the holy family? This book is a keepsake and a treasure to pass down to future generations. It will leave you at peace and happy, renewing your faith and hope for humanity.

Sample Chapter:

Chapter 1 It was freezing that night. The cold seeped into your bones, shivering like an icy knife. Crouching inside the old rusty pipe, the little kitten was well out of harms way. The snarling village dogs were close. It raised the hair upon his neck. He could hear them howling. Sometimes they raced below in vicious packs, tearing along the narrow streets, noses to the ground, trying to catch his scent. He would have hunched up his back in terror if there were room. He curled up into a tight ball and waited for mother to come home. The village was poor. Yet there was joy and laughter there. The old mud brick houses were cool and dark, providing a safe haven from the scalding sun. Their thick, mud brick walls kept in the heat in the winter and were cool in the summer. They had stood there as long as anyone could remember. Their dark windows were like countless eyes staring out into the darkness. Clay lamps in the windows were blazing stars. The sky grew light. He could hear the snarls of sleepy, grumpy camels as dark, swarthy people loaded them. They headed out to the lush fields to farm or to the endless, golden desert to wander. Mother would soon be home.He dozed off to sleep, little head resting on his paws. In his dream, he wandered through a beautiful temple. Its huge columns were lit with color and inlaid with pieces of glass paste that dazzled like endless sparkles upon a quiet lake. Clouds of incense rose upward and soft chanting drifted to his ears. In the center of this vast hall a great statue caught the rays of the dawning light. The statue was an enormous cat, shrouded in a golden garment that caught the sunlight and reflected it back in a multitude of color. She held a basket of kittens in her gentle paw. Their carved eyes were inlaid with rock crystal and seemed to gleam with laughter. At her feet stretched a beautiful leopard, his noble head rested upon massive paws as he slept. There were flowers everywhere. Their scent filled the air. Kitty felt happy here. As he strode through the beautiful halls, he saw hundreds of cats. Some were stretched out regally, their noble heads held high. There were countless kittens mewing and leaping upon each other. Rolling little fur balls zoomed along the polished floor, batting each other in their play. In one corner a row of translucent alabaster bowls heaped high with treats beckoned. He crept up to a delicate bowl. A delicious aroma filled his nostrils. Suddenly, a paw reached out and swiped him playfully. He whirled around and was caught in the eyes of a beautiful white kitten. Her blue eyes were the Nile. She was joy incased in exquisite fur. "Hi!" She spoke in her musical voice. "Come to partake of our offerings?" "Who are you?" He asked. Her beauty and glory shone all around him. "I am called Nedjem." She answered proudly. "It means "Sweet." I am one of the royal Temple Cats. Here we are cherished and worshipped. I have not seen you here before. What is your name?" He struggled to recall, but all seemed blank. Then, a name seemed to present itself. It whispered from deep within his heart. "I am called Pa-Miu." Nedjem purred happily and rubbed her face against Pa-Miu. "I shall call you Miu then. That is shorter. You are too young to be called ‘Tom Cat.'" "Where are we Nedjem?" Miu asked. Am I in a dream? It is so lovely here." "We are in the temple of Bastet. She is our guardian spirit. She is the goddess of beauty, grace and gentleness. We are all tiny fragments of her. That is why we are worshipped." Nedjem stretched her beautiful body like a tiny lioness. "We are also a part of the great Sekhmet, daughter of RA. She is the consort of Ptah, Neter of Memphis, who is the creative aspect of Deity, an aspect of RA, (as are all things.) Sekhmet is guardian of all holy things. She is also the goddess of physicians. Since she brings fevers, she can also take them away. She sometimes punishes humanity when they forget holy things and slide into evil." Miu closed his eyes and inhaled the aroma of the bowl before him. Nedjem rubbed her gentle head against his. He felt her purrs vibrate against his chest. "I shall tell you a story," Nedjem said. "In very ancient times, RA was devastated. His tears fell like rain. Humanity had forgotten Him. They had become evil and indulged in nefarious practices. This hurt and angered RA. He wept bitterly and confessed to his daughter Sekhmet that he was sorry he had created humanity. ‘I shall destroy them all!' Ra cried miserably. "Let me be the eye that smites them!" Sekhmet snarled. "They are not worthy of your holy eyes upon them!"RA turned his moon-like eye away. Sekhmet descended to Earth in the form of a raging lioness. She brought dise

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